Robert Pattinson drinks blood! Kristen Stewart lacks media training! Taylor Lautner is hawt!

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It would seem irresponsible to not spend at least a moment considering the New Moon craze. There are vampires and abstinence parables, and emo kids, and a surprisingly hip soundtrack and for what?

First, the vampires. The undead. A commentary on our propensity, as a country, to wish for youth, to appear immortal? Is it a twisted dream or a glorified nightmare? Probably not, but it seems more likely than a trend toward abstinence. The emo kids have been around before, and will continue to be, but they probably don’t really like Twilight because it’s too mainstream for them.

Bringing me to the real crux of the Twilight problem. I take no issue with crazes and lots of people liking the same thing. I’ve never read Twilight, but I’m sure it’s mediocre and full of feeling that draws you in even if it is kind of cheesy but what do you care it’s just entertainment or something like that. What makes me uneasy is the soundtrack with so many indie darlings. Bon Iver feat. St. Vincent? Why have you betrayed me? If anything, what Twilight really signifies is the is the further commercialization of the niche.

And while it really is a good thing for more people to listen to Bon Iver, I can’t help but worry about the long term effect of more people liking the things that I do. How does an elitist survive when others begin to recognize the validity of his opinions in all things? It is a troubling vision.

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