Robert Pattinson Drunk at ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Berlin Premiere? (Photos)

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Robert Pattinson is the closest thing this generation has to a Hollywood golden age matinee idol. He’s handsome, suave, elegant, and sexy; and he never looks less than flawless. Or not. Kristen Stewart’s recently regained man looked really weird at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Berlin premiere. He was repeatedly photographed making funny faces, striking bizarre poses, and paying way too much attention to the crotch of his pants. Was he drunk? Or was he simply so bored he decided to punk the world?

“10,000 women faint!” a Pattinson fan site gushed about a newly revealed collection of photos from the Berlin red carpet. Well, yeah…they probably fainted from surprise, or from excessive laughter. Or not. Maybe they just like tall guys in expensive suits who look and act like dweebs.

As you can see in the pic below, RPattz looked more like an angry dork who’s just smelled an unpleasant odor than a Cary Grant or Errol Flynn caliber leading man. In the second pic, Kristen Stewart looks elegantly composed and normal. She’s even smiling for a change. RPattz, not so much. His face is twisted into an undecipherable grimace. And what is the deal with his pants? In many of the photos, he seems to be obsessed with or about to adjust his zipper? Is it coming undone? Is it pinching his privates? In a third pic, he actually seems to be showing KStew his crotch. Good grief! Get a room!

So, there you have it. Or rather you will when you click here to see the rest of the pics. Do you think Robert Pattinson was drunk or stoned? Or was his bizarre sense of humor just manifesting itself by punking the world?

Actually, it was probably both.

What do think?

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