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Twilight Saga Eclipse iPhone iPod Touch Wallpaper BackgroundThis is so cool! Will from has developed these amazingly beautiful Twilight Saga: Eclipse iPhone and iPod touch wallpapers featuring Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner! Now Will is sharing them with us!!! Of course they are all high quality wallpapers, you can expect the best from

The first wallpaper has Rob and Taylor as Edward and Jacob. Aerzccording to Will: “The cool thing about it is that depending on your mood, you can flip your phone upside down and have Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black be on top, or have Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen be on top instead!… “

The next Eclipse iPhone and iPod touch wallpaper available features Pattinson and the Cullens: “here’s an iPhone wallpaper that gives you a new slider on the home screen besides the standard “Slide to Unlock”. Now you’ll also have what looks like a slider that says “Slide to Dazzle”!”

The last one I found available was of Lautner as Jacob Black and Wolfpack, “besides the standard “Slide to Unlock”. Now you’ll also have what looks like a slider that says “Slide to Fursplode”! If you’re not in the know, fursploding is when a member of the wolfpack violently transforms into a wolf and sheds all his clothes due to his size change.”

The wallpapers are great and sure to be the envy of your fellow Twilight loving friends. I would definitely download one if I had an iPhone but I don’t… then again wouldn’t that be silly if I downloaded one of these wallpapers and then bought an iPhone specifically for the wallpaper? I’d get a good laugh but my husband would not find it as amusing. =o/



Edward Cullen Slide Dazzle Robert Pattinson Iphone Wallpaper ipod TOuch

iPhone iPod Touch Twilight Jacob Black Wolfpack Wallpaper Desktop Background



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