Robert Pattinson : Edward’s Bedroom w/ BED – NEW ‘Twilight ECLIPSE’ PHOTO: Behind the Scenes

In the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, Robert Pattinson plays the devilishly handsome Edward Cullen and I must say that throughout the two movies released before Eclipse, Edward has really grown as a person or should I say he’s really grown as one of the undead… eh, whatever.

Anyhow, proof that Pattinson’s character has grown is the photo below! As you can see there is now a bed in Edward’s bedroom… for those of you who do not know, in the first Twilight Saga movie: Twilight, Robert’s Edward did NOT have a bed which lead Kristen Stewart’s character Bella to ask about it when she entered his room.

The reason Edward did not have a bed was because he never slept… weirdo… reminiscent of the horror flick The Ring. Yeah, so now a major physical change in  is that Pattinson’s Edward has this beautiful bed with wrought iron posts, headboard and top. It’s just beautiful and it speaks volumes of where Pattinson and Stewart’s characters has gone… now, they cuddle!



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