Robert Pattinson Fears Kristen Stewart Reunion Proves He Is a Pushover

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Robert Pattinson has reportedly taken Kristen Stewart back, and the two are once again one of the hottest couples in Hollywood despite staying away from each other in public. There have been a couple of sightings of the two together, but no pictures. Are they really together? Is there a reason Rob and Kristen are keeping their rekindled romance hidden?

Of course, there are obvious reasons the two do not want to step out in public together, but Rob has a valid reason for trying to keep the romance on the down low. He is suffering from a bit of indecision and is apparently worried about what other people will think.

A source says, “He doesn’t want to be seen as a pushover or get laughed at.” It is understandable his ego is a little bruised. It would be a little awkward to step out with the woman who hurt and humiliated you at the same time, but quite frankly, screw the public. He needs to follow his heart. The source reveals why there have been no public sightings of the couple, “Up until now, until now he and Kristen haven’t been on many dates.”

They did not go out in public very often in the past, but the scandal has really driven them in. That first outing will be difficult, but it will get easier. If Robert Pattinson truly did take Kristen Stewart back, it proves he is a bigger man than most. Forgiving is not easy and takes a lot of courage.

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