Robert Pattinson Frolics Half-Nude with Christina Ricci in New ‘Bel Ami’ Clip (Video)

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Robert Pattinson fans who are still waiting with bated breath for Bel Ami to hit the theaters got a real treat recently. Or perhaps it was a real tease. A new Bel Ami clip has just been released online. In it, a sexy, tousle-haired RPattz parades around a bed clad in the Belle Époque equivalent of boxer shorts. That would be enough to delight most of Rob’s fans and keep them occupied until they can see the film in its entirety, but there’s more.

In the new ‘exclusive’ Bel Ami clip, Pattinson as the caddish Georges Duroy struts his egotistically adorable stuff in the bedroom of one of his paramours, Clothilde, played by Christina Ricci. Although brief, the clip succeeds in painting a remarkably accurate portrait of Duroy’s character or lack thereof. He tells Clothilde about a letter he’s received from his illiterate father who has had the village priest write to him requesting money. Although he recounts these details to Clothilde in a casual, even a joking manner, Georges’s shame about his poor origins and his antipathy toward his father are palpable. Also palpable is his skill at emotional duplicity and manipulation when Clothilde asks him to promise her that he won’t bring other women to his apartment–an apartment which she has probably financed. Although the level-headed, sexually experienced Clothilde doesn’t mind Georges’s other affairs as long as he’s truthful about them, he chooses to lie to her. He knows that feigning fidelity to her will give him an even stronger psychological control. It’s a chilling scene, and it’s made more so by its accompanying eroticism.

You can watch the hot and horny yet chilling love scene between the half-nude Robert Pattinson and Christina Ricci on the clip below.


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