Robert Pattinson Gets Crazy Haircut for ‘Cosmopolis': Kristen Stewart a Fan?

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Robert Pattinson has become famous for his sexy, tousled hair, showing up on red carpets and movie premieres (with or without Kristen Stewart by his side!) with his signature, slept-in ‘do. But the Breaking Dawn heart-throb just stunned fans with a totally different look — and a crazy one, at that. While the new crop is not as outrageous as if Pattinson had dyed his locks, say, bright pink, it is quite the statement maker!

Pattinson posed for photos and signed autographs early Thursday morning after leaving the Cosmopolis set, where Stewart was reportedly visiting him. But, it was his newly shorn hair that ended up making the biggest splash.

Robert Pattinson rocked an asymmetrical cut so bizarre that it seems as if he was attacked by a lunatic barber! Long and floppy on one side and unevenly buzzed on the other, it left the handsome 25-year-old actor looking a bit ragged and worse for wear. The radical haircut even led some reports to speculate that the young Brit is going bald.

But Kristen Stewart has no reason to worry. Robert Pattinson’s hairline isn’t receding. However, he did compromise his dapper ‘do when he agreed to the outlandish cut that his role as Eric Parker in Cosmopolis required. In the film, Parker has a meltdown in the barber shop and flees before he’s finished — hence, the uneven hair.

Anything for his craft, right?! Perhaps Kristen Stewart even likes this hair-raising new development for her man. And who knows? Maybe Robert Pattinson will start a trend with his lopsided look.

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