Robert Pattinson Gets Insulted by a Female Star: Yes, It’s True!

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Robert Pattinson has long been holding the attention of a huge female fan base, ever since they professed their love for the hunky British actor with the dawn of The Twilight Saga a few years ago, declaring themselves firmly on the side of Team Edward. And Pattinson’s equally hot topic girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, has been the object of many of said girls’ envy for snagging such a heart-throb guy. While R-Patz’s slightly rugged handsomeness and dry sense of humor obviously doesn’t appeal to everyone, there’s one outspoken gal who is none too shy to speak her piece that he definitely isn’t doing it for her right now.

But who is this woman who dares to say that Pattinson, 25, isn’t the cat’s meow?! She is talk show host, Wendy Williams, who made no bones about her opinion of the actor, who actually has a rather steamy new role in Bel Ami. “Robert Pattinson needs to get in the gym, and he also desperately needs a fake tan,” Williams said, as Hollywood Life reports. “He’s too pudgy to be so pale. The good thing about him is that he’s young, so his metabolism works well. He can come back stronger than ever.”

File:Robert Pattinson 02.jpgOuch… that is a bit harsh, actually. “Pudgy” and “pale” are two words no heart-throb ever wants to hear in reference to himself. Williams seems to be referring to the recent photos that cropped up of Pattinson at the beach and paddle surfing. There is no denying he is not as buff and cut as some of the other young hunks like Taylor Lautner or Zac Efron. But the biggest offense during his fun in the sun really had to be that scruffy beard, not the lack of a six pack or a spray tan!

Robert Pattinson may not be at the top of Wendy Williams’ hot list, but he sure hasn’t failed to impress plenty of other celebs, such as co-stars Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon and, of course, Kristen Stewart.

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