Robert Pattinson Gets Offer to Spend Time with Katy Perry

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Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry might not be madly in love with each other or anything, but this doesn’t mean that Katy doesn’t care about Rob.

There have been recent reports that hint at Katy wanting to date Rob, but it sounds more like the “Firework” singer just wants to be a friend that he can trust. And Katy would be the perfect person for Rob to talk to since she knows how painful high-profile relationship problems can be—the press also went crazy reporting on her marital issues before and after she and Russell brand decided to divorce. Plus it is highly unlikely that Katy would go blabbing to the tabloids about anything Rob says to her about Kristen Stewart cheating on him.

According to Contact Music, a source close to Katy Perry has said that she’s “been a rock” for Robert Pattinson and that she even invited him to “take a break with her.” Poor Rob probably wishes he could take off somewhere remote to avoid the paparazzi, but going on a vacation with Katy might not be the best idea since it would really get the tabloids worked up.

Katy seemed to be pretty good pals with Rob and Kristen Stewart, so she probably felt forced to choose a side in their cheating scandal. Obviously she’s standing by Rob since he’s the one who got his heart broken, but that doesn’t mean that she has romantic feelings for him.

Rob is reportedly hoping to take two months to himself to decide if he wants to give Kristen a second chance or not, so maybe he’ll ask Katy what she thinks he should do at some point. If he does decide to kick Kristen to the curb, then Breaking Dawn Part II promotions are going to get extremely awkward.

So do you think that Rob and Katy could ever be more than just friends? Katy does seem to have a thing for Brits, after all.

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