Robert Pattinson Goes Macho in Super Sexy ‘Black Book Magazine’ Photo Shoot (Photo)

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Robert Pattinson got weird in his last major photo shoot in Premiere Magazine. Actually the word “weird” is an understatement. Seriously, the guy posed as, among other things, a naked corpse draped upside down over the back of a couch with a stab wound in its torso. Ugh. In his latest shoot, however, the Twilight heart-throb has traded weirdness for machismo. Clad in tight jeans, military tee shirts, and leather jackets, RPattz broods and smolders with all the charismatic intensity of a 1950’s rebel idol. He even sports multiple tattoos and tries his hand at practicing what was known, in 1930’s-40’s films, as the “art of the cigarette.” In one pic, he wears a loud red, white, and black horizontally striped jacket with the sleeves rolled up like a 1950’s rock and roller. Clad in another outfit reminiscent of the 50’s, he stands under a sign that reads simply “WOMEN’S.” In yet another, he reclines on a bench with his feet up and his legs spread, sucking what looks like a soft drink through a straw, his expression enigmatic behind his shades.

Of course, for those who prefer their RPattz weird, there’s a bit of that too. Semi-seated in front of a plywood wall, sporting skin-tight black jeans and heavily tattooed forearms, Rob wears a black tee-shirt emblazoned with the words “JOIN A WEIRD TRIP.” There’s even a tongue in cheek tribute to his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg. In that pic, twin images of Rob face each other smoking cigarettes and lying on what looks like a piano. The same sort of twin images abounded in his Premier Magazine photo shoot. Cronenberg, of course, also directed the 1988 psychological thriller, Dead Ringers—a film about psychotic male identical twins.

Oh well, enjoy the Black Book Magazine photo of Robert Pattinson below. Click here to ogle—er—see the rest of them.


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