Robert Pattinson Has A Smackdown With The Paps — OMG!

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Robert Pattinson stormed out of an office building and attempted to punch a photographer yesterday before being stopped by a friend. Thank goodness Rob was stopped because he looked ready to do some collateral damage!

The Twilight actor was reportedly coming out of a Los Angeles building when he saw a photographer there waiting to take his picture. A very scruffy looking Rob went ballistic when he saw the camera and started charging towards it with his fists in a ball, ready to for a smackdown! Yikes!

However, before he could do something he would definitely regret, his friend stopped him. Just a guess, but that meeting couldn’t have gone too well if Robert Pattinson was in such a horrid mood?

“Rob already seemed to be in a bad mood as he was leaving ICM and when he saw me, he just snapped. I was just standing there, taking his picture, not saying anything, not getting too close and he just went off. He clenched his fist and got ready to hit me, but his friend told him to stop and calmed him down,” the photographer from X17 said.

Robert Pattinson Goes To Punch Paparazzi

The resulting photos aren’t pretty and Rob doesn’t look at all like his handsome self that girls around the world swoon over.

What do you think made Robert Pattinson so mad? Is he just fed up with being followed everywhere she goes?

What a tense situation for everyone involved!

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Wise

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