Robert Pattinson Has ‘Poor Hygiene’ According to Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers recently took aim at Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson during an episode of E!’s Fashion Police. The opinionated television personality said that the Breaking Dawn actor mumbles and has bad hygiene.

Robert Pattinson CroppedJoan’s daughter, Melissa, who took offensive with Rob’s crazy Comic Con hairdo, began the tirade. Even after another commentator explained that Rob’s crazy hair was because of his upcoming film Cosmopolis Melissa said, “I just am fearful. I have a 10-year-old son and whenever this movie is a hit, they are all going to want to shave half their heads. It’s like please… also take a bath!” Maybe Melissa doesn’t understand that this film probably won’t be suitable for kids. Just sayin’!

Joan joined in Melissa’s rant with, “I just don’t understand the appeal with this man! He is pasty; he mumbles when he talks, he is notorious, as Melissa pointed out, for poor hygiene.”

Joan and Melissa certainly aren’t going to win many new fans with those words! Robert Pattinson has a very large, very dedicated fan base and they think he’s fine just the way he is! Should Rob have to change who he is just to fit the Hollywood mold? Can’t he have his own, grungy style?

What do you think? Do you think Joan and Melissa Rivers went too far in their rant on Robert Pattinson? Share your thoughts below!

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