Robert Pattinson Helped Co-Star Deal With Death of his Dog

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Robert Pattinson may be the sweetest guy in Hollywood. The Twilight actor recently helped his Breaking Dawn co-star, Guri Weinberg, cope with the death of his dog.

Weinberg says that Robert is an amazing person who really loves animals, and since RPattz has a dog of his own, he knows how easily someone can get attached to their pets.

File:Robert Pattinson.jpg“Rob is a great guy. My dog died while we were shooting,” Guri said of Pattinson. “He’s a dog lover so he got it. That’s sort of how we bonded.” (Isn’t that cute?) What a nice shout out from Pattinson’s colleague.

RPattz has become quite the animal enthusiast as of late. He and girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, recently adopted a dog, (Which they named Bear) who they saved from being put to sleep.

Could Rob be the next great celebrity animal advocate? It would be great publicity for any animal saving organization to have the Twilight hunk as a spokesperson. Also, female fans would love to see Robert Pattinson go nude for PETA’s famous “I’d rather go naked than wear fun” campaign!

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