Robert Pattinson Impresses Another Girl and She’s Not Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson may only have eyes for his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. But the hunky British actor is the object of many girls’ affection—their celebrity crush, so to speak—causing no small number of his fans to swoon. He even has racked up plenty of points among some of his hot female (and, yes, male!) co-stars, besides his most significant one in The Twilight Saga: Stewart. What really defines his intense appeal, though? His handsome, brooding manner; his dry sense of humor; his low-key modesty in the face of fame? Yes, yes, and yes… and the list goes on. Pattinson’s Bel Ami co-star Christina Ricci was certainly impressed and she recently added to this list her own reasons why he’s a winner.

“He’s wonderful. He’s handling everything very well. He never brought any of what he was going through to the set. He was always incredibly prepared, very professional and a very great actor. I love working with him. We joked a lot. Made fun of each other and had a great laugh,” Ricci, 32, revealed in an interview with Irish Times.

The seasoned actress, who’s also currently starring in breakout TV series, Pan Am, certainly seemed astonished by Robert Pattinson’s talent. He’s not just coasting on his success as vampire Edward Cullen, instead exploring completely different roles and challenging any one-note labels that box him into just the Twilight zone. (In fact, girlfriend Kristen Stewart is, too, what with her upcoming lead role in Snow White and the Huntsman.)

File:Robert Pattinson.jpgAs for whether Christina Ricci, who grew up in the spotlight as a child actor, had any advice for Robert Pattinson, she declined, saying, “Not really. He seems to be handling it all very well. I can’t imagine being as famous as he is.”

Not that she doesn’t hold her own formidable fame factor, but Pattinson’s incredible international renown really takes the cake. There’s no question he does handle the followers and the paparazzi (and the lack of any privacy almost anywhere) very admirably, and he’s certainly known for his fan-friendliness. But even he’s admitted it can sometimes be a lot—and very hard to escape the constant shine of that spotlight.

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