Robert Pattinson Invited to Live with Katy Perry

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Robert Pattinson claimed that he was homeless during a recent interview, so Katy Perry has reportedly stepped in to help her friend out.

There were rumors that Katy might be trying to catch Rob’s eye now that he and Kristen Stewart might be over, and according to a recent report, she’s ramped up her effort to win Rob over by offering to let him live with her.

According to Sugarscape, Katy told a source that she “doesn’t want him to be alone with while he deals with the aftermath of his break-up.” And of course Katy wouldn’t mind the company now that she and John Mayer are through.

Judging from that comment, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are also a done deal. However, unnamed sources aren’t always right, and recently there have been a lot of them making comments about K-Stew’s cheating scandal.

But if Katy Perry is hoping to make Rob her next serious boyfriend, there are plenty of ways she could win him over if he takes her up on her offer for him to become her live-in eye candy. She could innocently clean house in a sexy maid uniform, or perhaps she could cook him up some glitter-sprinkled eggs and candied bacon and serve him breakfast in bed. The two of them can also stay up all night watching rom-coms and chowing down on Ben & Jerry’s while they talk about their relationship woes.

There are rumors that Rob might make an appearance at the MTV VMAs, so perhaps he and Katy will also spend some quality time together there. Kristen Stewart won’t be at the award show to make things all awkward, so it could be the perfect time for Rob to unwind and party with his pop star pal. And it’s possible that their good time could lead to something more – the last time Katy had fun with a guy at the VMAs, she ended up marrying him.

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