Robert Pattinson is Like One of The Beatles, According to Christina Ricci

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Robert Pattinson has been compared to one of The Beatles!

His Bel Ami costar Christina Ricci is extremely impressed with the way Twilight star handles the insane level of fame that he has had to deal with after winning the hearts of so many female fans as brooding bloodsucker Edward Cullen. After all, it’s not easy to live like a normal person when you’ve got to worry about obsessive admirers and the paparazzi following you around everywhere.

According to Digital Spy, here’s what Christina had to say about the way Rob deals with his fame: “He handles all of it so incredibly well. He’s such a wonderful person and so rounded and so professional. You forget how incredibly famous he is. I mean, he’s like a Beatle.”

Robert Pattinson has got to love that compliment since he’s such a big music fan – he can sing and play guitar, so maybe he would have been a rock star like Paul McCartney in another life.

It’s odd that Christina Ricci was comparing Rob to one of The Beatles since he and Kristen Stewart were recently spotted with Paul in Paris. Such a meeting would be a big honor for any music fan.

Christina’s compliment might have been all about Rob’s fame, but maybe it could end up meaning more than that – since he is musically capable and British, perhaps Rob could play one of The Beatles in a biopic someday. It would certainly be interesting to see Robert Pattinson sporting the Beatle bowl cut hairdo (it might be even more humorous than when Kristen Stewart donned a mullet to play Joan Jett in The Runaways).

So what do you think – would Rob have just as many fans if he was a rock star rather than an actor, or has the massive success he’s experienced so far only come from playing Edward Cullen in Twilight?

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