Robert Pattinson is ‘quirky, young, and adorable!’

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Robert Pattinson isn’t very Edward Cullen-like in real life! In fact, the actor possesses quite a few traits that his vampire counterpart doesn’t, this according to his Breaking Dawn co-star, Andrea Gabriel (she plays vampire Kebi in the film).
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“Rob in reality is extremely quirky and young and adorable and like so shy. You would never believe it knowing his character. He’s just so adorable,” Gabriel said. Of course you kind of get the sense that Rob is the type of guy who is quiet until you get to know him, don’t you? He does seem laid back and goofy in a way—a good way.

No one really has ever had anything bad to say about Robert Pattinson. All of his co-stars rant and rave about how wonderful he is. It’s nice to know that Hollywood hasn’t gotten to his head. His girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, is definitely one lucky girl. He just seems so perfect! Swoon.

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