Robert Pattinson Is Simply Lovely

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Robert Pattinson’s qualities are endless, but one lady has managed to sum it up in one very appropriate word—lovely. The Twilight hunk is gorgeous, but that seems so cliché. His Bel Ami co-star, Christina Ricci, has an elegant way of defining his witty personality and smoldering good looks with a word that is certainly not bandied around too often these days.

In an interview promoting the steamy film about sex and power, Christina dishes about Rob’s endless talents. She was clearly impressed with the actor, “He is such a lovely, lovely human being.” Now, most ladies would want to gush and point out his sexy bedroom eyes, tousled hair, etc., but not Christina. She is so much more refined and manages to compliment Rob in a way few have. She adds, “I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to play this part with someone who is so kind and as much of a partner as he is when we are filming,”

Aw! No wonder Kristen Stewart fell for him. It is easy for fans to fall in love with his looks, but when those who have got the chance to work with him reveal he is just as beautiful on the inside; it is like icing on the cake.

Christina also praises his acting talent, “He is incredibly proficient and professional.” Robert Pattinson is not an all work and no play sort of guy either. “We just have a really good time together. He is just fun to be around, lovely.” Christina is one lucky gal, but Kristen Stewart is the most envied women in the world right now.

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