Robert Pattinson Jealous of Taylor Lautner’s Abs?

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Is Robert Pattinson jealous of Taylor Lautner’s abs? The two ‘Twilight’ stars are constantly asked ridiculous questions, however, Robert seems to field almost as many questions about Taylor’ six-pack as he does about his relationship with Kristen Stewart. So, what are Mr. Pattinson’s true feelings about the comparisons?

Look, for many of the die-hard female ‘Twilight’ fans, they just cannot seem to get enough of the Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner bearing their respective chests. Face it; the girls love to see these two shirtless. Of course, with the ‘shirtlessness’ comes instant comparisons.

Robert says he worked hard before this movie (as did Kristen) because of the much-anticipated wedding scenes. He claims to have skipped sweets and beer, along with working out, to make sure he was in the best shape possible. Of course, he was baited in an interview when RPattz had his photo placed next to Taylor Lautner’s.

This is so unfair doing a comparison. Everyone says I painted on my abs in [‘New Moon’] — I did not! Taylor has his painted on too!

Sounding somewhat jealous there, Robert old chap! He went on to say, once he realized he could not keep up with Taylor, he went right back to the chocolate and even “started eating cheeseburgers and stuff.”

Lucky for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and his legion of crazed fans will still love him, six-pack or not.

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