Robert Pattinson Just Gets Better and Better

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As if Robert Pattinson wasn’t already the perfect guy to millions of women of all ages, news that Bill Condon, director of the final two installments of the Twilight SagaBreaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, thinks that Rob is great dad material just might tip that opinion over the edge of reason.

Hollywood Life reports today that on the commentary of DVD/Blu-Ray of Breaking Dawn Part 1, Condon said,” You look at Rob here and you get a little hint of what you’ll see a lot of in the second film. He is unbelievably tender with babies—with children, not just babies. He was with Mackenzie, too. There’s something that changes about him when he’s with children. He’s just so sweet and caring.”

Fans will have to wait until February 11 until the DVD/Blu-Ray of BD1 officially goes on sale at midnight, although some lucky fans will get to re-live the Esme romance at the Midnight Release Parties, retail store Target is putting on as part of the nationwide promotion roll out on February 10.

Until then, here’s Kristen, Rob’s co-star and real-life girlfriend talking about how caring Rob was with baby “Renesmee” in Breaking Dawn.

Mon Dieu! How much better can Robert Pattinson get?

How excited are you about the Special Edition DVD/Blu-Ray release of BD1 on February 11?

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