Robert Pattinson Kissed and Seduced But Not by Kristen Stewart (Video)

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A new video clip of Robert Pattinson having a hot and heavy seduction make-out session with a woman other than Kristen Stewart has just surfaced online. Okay, okay. The new clip is actually a love scene between RPattz and Uma Thurman in Bel Ami. Although a teasingly brief look at Rob and Uma’s bedroom antics were included in the Bel Ami official trailer, the new clip shows their love scene in its entirety.

In the newly released video clip from Bel Ami, R-Pattz’s sociopathic anti-hero Georges Duroy is seduced, makes out with, and, the scene implies, finally has sex with Uma Thurman who plays his older, richer, intelligent, and socially well-connected wife. Although the ultimate consummation of Pattinson and Thurman’s intense sexual tension isn’t shown, the scene is nevertheless pretty steamy. Interestingly, their encounter is made even more erotic by the fact that their accompanying dialogue is totally mundane, even boring. Married couple stuff, you know. She’s trying to convince him that changing his name to something “more memorable…something a bit grand” will help him advance in his career. He prefers his own name. Undaunted, she continues her argument point by point while partially undressing him. She continues to repeat the name she thinks he should use while fondling and kissing him, and— Well you get the idea.

Now, you can watch the scene in its entirety on the video clip below.

Wonder if Kristen Stewart ever feels uncomfortable watching Robert Pattinson in such scenes with other stunning women. What do you think?

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