Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Both Crushed on by Same ‘Twilight’ Co-Star

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It seems Robert Pattinson has garnered a not-so secret admirer among his cast mates on the set of Breaking Dawn Part Two. But Kristen Stewart needn’t worry, because the same female co-star is crushing on KStew as well. In fact, in a recent interview at Comic-Con, she heaped praise upon Robsten as she dished on what it was like being “raised by two of the coolest and most famous people in the world!” That’s right—”raised,” as in “reared” or “brought up.” Robsten’s admirer is none other than their on-screen daughter, MacKenzie Foy.

At Comic Con, the 11-year-old child star, who plays Edward and Bella’s human-vampire half-breed daughter, Renesmee, gushed about her love and admiration for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. She also talked about her favorite scene in the final Twilight movie and why it was so much fun to film.

“They’re my friends, they’re really, really sweet,” Mackenzie gushed. “They were super sweet friends, like the friend that you tell everything to, that kind of friend.”


Interestingly, the scene Mackenzie most enjoyed filming in Breaking Dawn Part Two was not with Rob and Kristen. It was with that other Twilight heart-throb, Taylor Lautner.

“I did like riding on Jacob,” she says. “That was a fun scene to film.”

Presumably, La Foy meant the werewolf incarnation of Jacob, not the real TLaut. Although that could also be a lot of fun.

Just saying.

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