Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Constantly Fighting–Will they Split?

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Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not getting along. Due to professional commitments, the Twilight lovebirds haven’t been able to spend too much time together lately, but that might be a good thing. Because, according to inside sources, when they are together, all they do is fight. It seems there is definitely trouble in paradise, but the question is: Is this the beginning of the end for Robsten?

“They’re having a tough time,” revealed an inside source. “They’ve both been very busy with their various work commitments over the past few months, so they rarely get to see each other. However, when they do see each other, they end up fighting over little things. For example, Kristen hates it when Rob messes about on his phone when they’re in bed.”

Well, who wouldn’t? Surely Rob is old enough to know that there are better things to do in bed than fool around with a phone.

“And Rob hates it when Kristen texts at the dinner table!!” the source continued.

Seriously, Kristen should have better table manners. She wasn’t brought up in a barn.

And of course, there was that business about RPattz gaining 10 pounds of blubber from his famous “cheeseburgers and beer” diet. Reportedly, Kristen started complaining that he was too fat, and it was her nagging–er–suggestions that caused him to take up paddleboarding.

And why shouldn’t he? Hey, if the woman in a relationship has to maintain her weight and physical attractiveness year after year, then so should the man.

Oh well, whether Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will weather this “rough patch” or whether they’ll split is anybody’s guess. Even they probably don’t know at this point. You can see some candid photos of the Cosmopolis man and his Snow White and the Huntsman leading lady-love looking very unhappy together by clicking here.

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