Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Filming New Movie Together

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Fans who were hoping to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a new movie together will soon get their wish. The Twilight Saga lovebirds will appear in a scene of Katy Perry’s new concert film.

As every gimlet-eyed twihard already knows by now, RPattz and KStew were spotted “joking and smoking on the set of their newest film together” on March 26. And the name of their latest collaborative opus? It’s called Katy Perry: Part of Me, and it’s the filmed version of La Perry’s March 26 L.A. concert–the same concert that Rob and Kristen attended on their Monday night date at the Hotel Cafe. Reportedly, the concert will be incorporated into the movie, and the Breaking Dawn lovebirds knew that when they decided to attend.

“It was just organic and they were all aware the cameras were going to be there. So they were comfortable when it happened,” explained an insider.

Of course, as the insider went on to explain, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were not a part of the concert footage. And they certainly didn’t join Katie Perry on stage. They were simply filmed “outside…talking about the show!”

Of well, so they weren’t playing star-crossed lovers again. Surely, their fans will be happy to see their favorite star couple on the screen even if it’s only in cameos in a rock concert documentary. What do you think?

Click here for new photos of Robsten on the “set” of Katy Perry’s new concert film.

Note to Rob and Kristen: Maybe you guys should think about giving up the cancer sticks. Not only do they kill, they make you look old and haggy before your time. Just saying.

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