Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Relationship Woes Is Fabulous for ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s lives may have been turned upside down by the cheating scandal that rocked the world, but there is a silver lining. Their film, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, may get a huge popularity boost in the wake of the scandal. It is fair to say, the Twilight fan frenzy has begun to wane a bit, but with all the recent publicity, good or bad, it has gotten a healthy shot of free press.

The folks at Summit Entertainment may have initially panicked when Kristen and Rob broke up, but they have since realized it is all good. A source explains, “Summit is happy that they will be getting tons of press for the film that some movies can’t even imagine getting.” Robsten fans will be dying to get a last look at the couple in happier times, whether it is fictional or real. There will be plenty of reminiscing as fans watch Bella and Edward, together for the final time.

Obviously, the press tour will be a little awkward, but no worries. According to the source, “They anticipate Rob and Kristen will be professional regardless.” Of course, they will. It would only attract more attention to the dilemma if they made a big deal out of avoiding each other or made nasty remarks about one another. They both have a job to do and so far, both have been consummate professionals.

There are some folks out there who are convinced Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s entire relationship was a publicity stunt to begin with. Now that franchise is coming to a close, the relationship is no longer needed. Hmm, that sounds pretty far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.

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