Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Romantic PDA Soho House Dinner Date–New Details Revealed

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are apparently officially reconciled. At least, their romantic, PDA-packed L.A. dinner date seemed to say they’re back together “just like old times.” They even hung out at their old haunts with their, presumably, old friends.

As all good Twihards know, before RPattz and KStew’s romance was torn asunder by Stewart and Sanders’ infamous pap-snapped make-out session, The Soho House restaurant was one of Robsten’s favorite spots. It was “their place” in L.A., and on September 29, they put in the surprise appearance of the year there. Eyewitnesses report they acted like they’d never left Soho House or each other.

“Rob and Kristen had dinner at The Soho House in West Hollywood Saturday night (September 29),” revealed one onlooker, “and they looked like a couple, smiling, holding hands. It was like old times. They were with a few other friends, two guys and another girl. They sat in the restaurant…which is decorated with really beautiful lights everywhere. It’s really romantic.”

Remarkably, the newly reinstated Robsten behaved “as if there had never been any issues between them recently.” Rupert who?

“Both Rob and Kristen were dressed casually,” the eyewitness tattled. “They were laughing a lot with their friends and stayed for a pretty long time. Like from 9 until past midnight. Occasionally Rob and Kristen would go outside to smoke. What’s funny is that they acted really comfortable with each other, like none of that affair drama had ever happened. They didn’t act awkward or embarrassed at all. It was great to see them back together and happy.”

So, there you have it. Robsten is once again Robsten, and all is right with the Twilight world. And speaking of the other denizens of that world, how are the majority of Twihards taking the news of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s reconciliation? How are the Team Rob fans, especially, handling the fact that he’s obviously forgiven his straying lady-love? Unbelievably, they seem to be handling it remarkably well.

In one of Hollywood Life’s famous polls which asked the single simple question: “Are you glad that Rob and Kristen have finally gone out in public together?” a remarkably forgiving 92.46 percent majority voted an unequivocal “Yes.” No one was undecided. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all Twihards worldwide are jumping for joy and running through fields of flowers at the news. Some may not have heard about Rob and Kristen’s dinner date. Others may think Rob is only testing KStew and may still dump her. Still others probably think it’s just a Summit Entertainment-engineered, pre-Breaking Dawn première publicity stunt. Which it might actually be. Oops.

What about you? Are you happy RPattz and KStew are back together?

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