Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Secret Winter Wedding?

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Hopefully everyone now knows Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reconciled. The über famous Twilight couple was spotted on September 29 showing PDA on an intimate dinner date at L.A.’s Soho House restaurant. Cool. Rumor now has it that KStew is now eager to marry RPattz as soon as possible. Will her dream of matrimony come true? More importantly, why is she suddenly in such a rush to the altar.

As almost all Kristen Stewart fans, or haters for that matter, with even a rudimentary reading knowledge of English surely recall, the On The Road star has always been “very dicey on the idea of marriage or even an engagement to Rob.” In fact, before the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, she seemed pretty satisfied with their status quo. So now that she’s obviously won him back, why the sudden change about matrimony? Is it because, as has been suggested, Rob isn’t really the love of her life, only the best to come along so far? That’s possible. After all, KStew’s only 22. Or is it because she’s afraid that Rob with his so-called “trust issues” and rumored demands of a one-month relationship probation, might flip on her, and dump her in the end?

“When they first dated, Kristen was standoffish — didn’t want to get engaged or married,” tattled a friend. “Rob did. He felt like she was everything. She was his dream woman, but she wasn’t so sure. Now an engagement and wedding would seal the deal between them and make Kristen very happy. Kristen doesn’t want to stay away from Robert for long. The cheating scandal made her realize that without Rob she just doesn’t have much. Without him she was lost. She would absolutely want to get engaged soon, maybe even elope this winter. Rob’s old friends are telling him not to go through with it. They feel Kristen’s calculated, immature and selfish. Once a cheater, always a cheater. They think she has ulterior motives, like she just wants to get back together with Rob to save her career.”

Ouch. hopefully, that tattle tale was one of Rob’s friends, not Kristen’s.

While La Stewart may indeed be emotionally vulnerable right now, she’s hardly “nothing” without Pattinson. She was the highest paid actress of the year, and with the release of On The Road, her career seems to be going fine. Maybe she simply realizes, however inchoately, the truth. People who marry very young usually split relatively quickly. In the ’90s such couples were described as having “starter” marriages. In other words, the youthful marriage was one that they knew would go kaput, but they could learn from it, and hopefully do better in future relationships. Assuming the Rupert Sanders affair was real and not a publicity stunt, perhaps KStew just wanted to live a bit before settling down to marriage and babies. Because as any honest man will tell you, once kids are born, freedom and independence fly out the window. That goes doubly for women.

Oh well, best of luck to all concerned. Hopefully, everyone will get what he or she really wants.

Do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will get married? Do you think they should?

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