Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart to Reunite at Video Music Awards

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Cuckold Robert Pattinson and his cheating (ex?) lady-love will be reunited for the first and possibly last time since the “horrific” Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. The formerly inseparable Twilight love birds will have to endure each other’s presences to fulfill a contractual agreement to appear together as co-presenters at the MTV Music Video Awards ceremony. Even worse, immediately after the VMAs, Robsten—er—Rob and Kristen will have to join forces to complete a lengthy promotional tour for Breaking Dawn Part Two. Yikes. Sounds like more fun than munching on ground glass. What will happen is anybody’s guess. Will they even show up? Or will they ditch?

Of course, neither Robert Pattinson nor Kristen Stewart can ditch their respective Twilight-related responsibilities unless they want to invite a slew of massive law suits and possibly go bankrupt in the process. So, it’s a safe bet to say that they’ll show up when they have to and do what they have to do. However, considering the fact that Rob has refused to speak to KStew since the scandal broke—even after her abject public apology—the onstage vibes between these two probably won’t be exactly positive. Of course, the VMA ceremony is on September 6. A lot can happen in five weeks. Perhaps by that time, they’ll have reconciled in real life. Or perhaps they will have called it quits as far as their romance is concerned, and they’ll just be friends. Or not. The world will just have to wait and see.

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