Robert Pattinson Looking Grim, Kristen Stewart Needy in New Coachella Pics (Photo)

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are partying hard at the Coachella music festival. And while they may be blending in with the rest of the festival goers smoking grass and sporting retro “hippie” duds, they’re hardly living like hippie campers after the sun goes down. While their non-famous fellow festival goers have to make due with sleeping bags, Robsten is chilling in the “romantic, luxurious hotel Viceroy in Palm Springs.”

The Viceroy hotel boasts a panoply of luxury features and services including a “full-service spa, three swimming pools, and “beautifully manicured” grounds.” While rumor has it that several celebs are staying at at the Viceroy courtesy of GUESS Clothing Line, Rob and Kristen made their own reservations. Looks like they wanted some romantic alone time in privacy and luxury.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they were shy about packing on the PDA. Or does it? According to Hollywood Life, the happily reconciled Breaking Dawn lovers found Coachella to be the perfect place to “cozy up with each other.” While it’s true that one pic showed Kristen standing kissably close to a hoodie-clad Rob in the dark, other photos seem to tell a different story. As you can see in the photo below and in others here, RPattz and KStew’s body language hardly seems conducive to getting “cozy.” Correction: Kristen looked like she needed and wanted a hug or at least a touch. Rob, on the other hand, looked pretty grim throughout the series of pics. Clad in a Vision Street Wear tee shirt and his ubiquitous shades, Rob looked grim, confrontational, and almost belligerent. He’s not hugging his lady-love, holding hands with her, or even touching her in any way. In the pics where they do make contact, it’s Kristen who reaches out to Rob. In others, she’s the one who seems desirous of contact, but she’s consistently ignored. In some pics, she reaches out to him, but he seems to walk away. In others, he’s actually walking in front of her with clinched fists. In the photos where they do touch, she’s reaching out to take his arm while he stares stonily ahead. Ouch. Poor KStew.

Of course, Robert Pattinson’s weird body language doesn’t necessarily mean there’s trouble in paradise. It could simply mean he was angry at the ever-present paparazzi. Hopefully.

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Note to RPattz: Lighten up, Honey. The day the paps don’t follow you will be a sad one. You probably don’t believe that now. Hopefully, you’ll never have to find out that it’s true.

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