Robert Pattinson Looks Angry and Unhappy on Guys’ Night Out Sans Kristen Stewart (Video)

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On April 4, Robert Pattinson was photographed on a guys’ night out in Los Angeles without his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Of course, that’s not necessarily earth-shattering news–except to über hard-core twihards. Pattinson is an adult, and as such, he’s free to come and go as he pleases with or without his girlfriend. What was interesting is that in the photos which you can peruse by clicking here, Rob seems agitated and unhappy. In fact, in a couple of pics he seems downright angry. What happened?

Although the now bearded Rob looked handsome as ever in a brown leather jacket, dark pants and sweatshirt, and a baseball cap, his facial expressions seemed to run the gamut from annoyed to crestfallen to mad as hell. At one point he makes or receives a phone call, and after the conversation he seems more upset than ever. Could the phone call have been KStew telling him she couldn’t make it?

Whatever problems precipitated Rob’s seemingly extreme emotional reactions that evening, they seemed to have disappeared by the time he reached his destination, L.A.’s Pour Vous Club, where he and his guy friends partied the night away. As you can see on the video below, RPattz looked calm, cool, and collected leaving the bar. Although, according to the video, Lindsay Lohan was spotted in the same club, and the two left within a few minutes of each other, Robert Pattinson spent the evening “concentrating on his guy friends.”

Kristen Stewart will no doubt be happy to hear that.

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