Robert Pattinson loses Jeff Buckley role — again!

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It’s official! Robert Pattinson will not be playing the role of Jeff Buckley. The Twilight star, whom many believed was perfect for the part, lost out. Perhaps the worst part about the news is that RPattz had two chances, because he auditioned for two films about the singer that are currently in the works.

Poor Rob! He seemed to really want this role. Pattinson must be very disappointed in the double rejection. First, Gossip Girl star, Penn Badgley was cast, and then the second role went to Reeve Carney.

File:Robert Pattinson Comic-Con 2011.jpgDon’t know who Reeve Carney is? That’s okay, neither do most people. The actor isn’t very well-known, but he does have experience. Reeve has been playing Spiderman on Broadway.

We are over the moon that Reeve has agreed to take on this challenging role. He’s been getting ready for this all his life,” Buckley’s mother said. As much as most would liked to see RPatz in the role, Reeve Carney is the spitting image of Jeff Bukley. It just wasn’t meant to be for Robert Pattinson on this one.

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