Robert Pattinson Makes ‘Cosmopolis’ Personal Trainer Train His Dog Bear–Producers Furious

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Robert Pattinson has made the producers of his new film mad as hell. It seems they hired a personal trainer to help R-Pattz get in shape for the action flick, Cosmopolis. Everything seemed to go according to plan until they discovered that Rob was making the trainer train his dog, Bear. Furthermore, the studio was footing the bill for the increasingly buff canine’s training sessions. Needless to say, the suits were not amused.

Yikes. Or perhaps that should be: Woof.

Reportedly, it all started innocently enough. Apparently, during their first workout session, Robert Pattinson’s new trainer mentioned that he was also a dog trainer. After that, things just sort of slid downhill. Or as an insider put it:

“…whenever Robert felt too tired to exercise he’d ask the guy to work with Bear instead, while he took a catnap.”

The producers were livid when they found out about the ruse, but there wasn’t much they could do about it. As for their Twilight heart-throb leading man, he swore it wouldn’t happen again.

But what about Bear? With his training sessions interrupted–presumably forever–what will happen to his dream of one day winning canine bodybuilding trophies? And even, perhaps starring in an action movie of his own? Oh, the tragedy of dreams deferred. Shame on you, R-Pattz. Surely you have enough money to allow Bear to go on with his fitness program.

Hang in there, Bear. And Never Say Never.

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