Robert Pattinson not in Korea as Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner hit Seoul & T.V. Spot of “Eclipse”

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Robert Pattinson is sorely missed in Seoul, Korea, as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson take South Korea by a storm.  The pair arrived in South Korea June 3, 2010 to a throng of Twilight fans. 

The couple posed for cameras as Kristen dressed in a scoop necked gray silk looking shirt and tailored black short skirt with half boot shoes.  While Taylor Lautner had his arm around Kristen and dressed in a beige suit with black loafers. Neither were particularly fancy but neatly dressed. 
Little did the crowd care how they looked as long as they were there.  The couple had just flown in from Sydney, Australia to South Korea to promote their new movie, Twilight Saga: “Eclipse.” 

Where is Robert Pattinson?  That busy man is filming “Water for Elephants in Los Angeles and cannot make the tours.  None of the three will make the tour in the United Kingdom.  Why are the three not going to the United Kingdom when that is Robert Pattinson home? 

Kristen Stewart has been doing some heavy duty traveling, promotions, and making movies.  She has recently completed her movie, “The Runaways” where she is in competition with herself for MTV’s best kiss. She is up for two movies.  One for her kiss with Robert Pattinson and one for her kiss with Dakota Fanning.  Kristen thinks her Dakota Fanning kiss will win.

Here is a video for Twilight fans of the “Eclipse” spot for television ads.  It will give you an idea how awesome this movie will be.

“Eclipse” will be released in the United States on June 30.


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