Robert Pattinson on ELLEN 2010 – PHOTOs – R.Pattz Shows Off His Short Hair – Gets Rubbed Up!!!

Robert Pattinson shows off his new short hair cut in these NEWLY released photos of his interview on the Ellen show! R.Pattz is sporting his usual 5-0 clock shadow and looking ultra cute. He finished taping yesterday and was on Ellen to promote his upcoming movie “Twiligh Saga: Eclipse.”

A source told that although all the employees in the studio had been forewarned not to ask for autographs or pictures, everyone still waited around backstage hoping Pattinson would take off his hat and debut his new do.

The source said, “I couldn’t believe it. It felt like a birth! We all felt like we were witnessing something special. If he looked any cuter he may have been arrested!”

Another source told that Pattinson was nice and polite and made small talk with Ellen before the start of the show. They spoke about American Idol. The source said, “Rob hasn’t been following the show closely so he didn’t know which contestants were left, but he made sure to tell Ellen to say ‘hello’ to Simon [Cowell] for him.”

Man! These people are soooo lucky! I wish I could meet and greet and grope Rob!!! I want to see that short hair cut! I want to smile into his beautiful big eyes!!! Oh well… back to watching that prom scene in Twilight…

These are just a FEW of the many screencaps photos of Robert Pattinson on the Ellen Show; if you’d like to see all 422 screencaps, CLICK HERE!!!





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photo credit: ELLEN


© Amy Mattox – May 2010

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