Robert Pattinson – People Magazine Cover – HOT like FIRE!!!!

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Has anyone picked up the latest copy of People Magazine?! Guess who is on the cover! Robert Pattinson. He is seriously THE hottest guy on Earth right now.

I’m so glad he made People Magazine, he definitely deserved the cover. If I had it my way, he would probably be on the cover all the time. :)

I keep talking about how hot Robert is but in all honesty, it is Edward. He’s the one I want, the Vampire that ALL girls want at the moment.

So back to People Magazine There is a page where he is snapped with his mouth open. DEFINITELY NOT sexy. I guess we all have our moments when it comes to the camera. I wouldn’t mind being Kristen though, especially when she had a photo taken between Robert and Taylor. YUMMY!

As always, I can’t wait til Eclipse comes out. Issues will come to head and hearts will be broken… or maybe not! ;)

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