Robert Pattinson: People Watched During the Sex Scene

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Robert Pattinson has become quite a household name in homes where teenage girls are living, despite his latest film, Breaking Dawn, is only getting mediocre reviews. It is certainly not the best Twilight film, but the sex scene between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan has people talking. And now, Robert is sharing how awkward the filming once, considering it wasn’t just Rob and Kristen in the room while filming the scene.

Turns out, Rob was trying to have sex with Kristen with three other men lying near or around the bed. “There were three men to break the bed. I was trying to do a sex scene and there was a huge guy laying on the floor, looking at me and telling me what to do,” Robert Pattinson explains during a recent interview.

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So why was the Breaking Dawn so much different than regular sex scenes? Well, first of all, Robert Pattinson had to break a bed and he wasn’t strong enough to break it himself. He required additional men to get the job done. In Breaking Dawn, Rob explains things were different. “There was too much expectation,” he explains.

Good thing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have chemistry off camera, as the scene may have turned out differently if they didn’t. Usually a director doesn’t want anyone to interfere with a sex scene in hopes of making it natural, but clearly that wasn’t the case in Breaking Dawn. The movie may have gotten bad reviews, but how would you complete a sex scene with three other men nearby?

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