Robert Pattinson Pleases and Kristen Stewart Disses London Twihard

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Robert Pattinson has often been called the most fan friendly heart-throb, and he proved it once again when he recently took time out to pose for photos with some London fans. But where was Kristen Stewart? Since R-Pattz went to London to be with his lady-love, surely they must have been spending every waking minute together. Right?

Right. And when a giddy Twihard approached Robert Pattinson at a restaurant in Westbourne Park Village on September 9, Kristen Stewart was indeed with him—but not in the picture. Reportedly, she just wasn’t in the mood to pose. Or perhaps she just wasn’t in the mood to be as fan friendly as Rob.

“Kristen refused to take the photo,” the fan later Tweeted (in Portugese). “She wasn’t that into it.”

So, what does that mean? Was it rude of Kristen Stewart to refuse to pose with Rob? And if so, was she dissing her boyfriend as well as the Portuguese fan? Was K-Stew simply tired out from filming Snow White and the Huntsman? Did she simply want to be left alone with her man after their long separation? Or, now that she’s starring alone in a non-Twilight Saga film of her own, has she suddenly become too full of herself to deal with Twihards? Or it is possible that Kristen Stewart was never as fan friendly as Robert Pattinson?

Food for thought. Just saying.

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