Robert Pattinson Pursued by Lustful Taylor Swift—What About Kristen Stewart?

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Robert Pattinson had better watch his step. Rumor has it he’s just attracted the attention of a very dangerous woman by the name of Taylor Swift. It seems the country sweetheart is sending Rob a flurry of flirty texts trying to hook up. What will Kristen Stewart say? Seriously, now, what can she say? Turnabout may not be fair play, but in Rob’s case, it would be understandable.

“Taylor’s been sending Rob texts and asking if he wants to meet up when they’re next in the same city,” tattles an inside source. “She has always had a thing for Rob, and when she and Taylor Lautner broke up, she let Rob know that she was available, but at that point he was hot and heavy with Kristen.”

Hmmm. Well, Rob is technically back with Kristen now, but are they really hot and heavy? Considering how “uncomfortable” they reportedly looked in Madrid, not to mention the fact that KStew refused to let Rob hold her hand at the Breaking Dawn London premiere, they might be more accurately described as “tepid and lightweight.” Whatever. The real question is: Will Rob take the bait? Maybe. And it may have nothing to do with lusting after Swift. He might hook up with Conor Kennedy’s ex just to get back at Kristen Stewart.

“Taylor would be a fantastic revenge fling if nothing else. Taylor is hot, but more than that, he knows Kristen would be crushed—and he’s dying to get back at her. He loves Kristen and has forgiven her partly, but he’s still a man, and he is dying to vindicate himself.”

Yikes. RPattz still emotionally wounded and itching for revenge? Who knew?

Seriously though, there are a couple of things that don’t quite add up in this story. Since Taylor Swift’s songs deal almost exclusively with her dastardly ex boyfriends and their cheating hearts, it seems unlikely that she’d become the dreaded “other woman” who helps men cheat. Of course, since La Stewart cheated first, maybe Swift figures Rob is fair game. As for why Rob would have a “revenge fling” now that he and Kristen are reconciled and “seem so happy,” Revenge is a dish best served cold, remember? Duh.

There is one other possibility however. Perhaps Taylor Swift is gunning for Robert Pattinson because she believes, like lots of people, that after the Breaking Dawn promotional work is done, Robsten will cease to exist. Oops.

So there you have it. Will Rob wind up in a song like John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal? What do you think?

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