Robert Pattinson: Real Reason for Reconciliation with Kristen Stewart Not Because of ‘Breaking Dawn’

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s reconciliation after her affair may be the makeup that hardly anyone thought would or should happen after their brief break-up—if it can even be called that. But in light of the upcoming Breaking Dawn-Part 2 premiere on November 16, some of the more jaded have postulated that the Hollywood power couple’s renewed romance is merely for show business and that it won’t last past the final Twilight zone. According to a new report, though, Pattinson is simply back together with Stewart because he couldn’t imagine it any other way.

“The reason Rob has decided on taking her back is that they have been together for so long and became worldwide stars together, and Rob feels that he can not have that connection with anyone else,” a source close to the couple recently revealed exclusively to Hollywood Life. However, Pattinson has probably faced plenty of challenges in moving past his girlfriend’s wandering eye. But love (and a long history together) conquers all, at least in this case it seems.

File:Robert Pattinson 02.jpgWhat’s more, this insider also said, “He really loves her and is scared [of] what others might do to him in a relationship. He thinks that they might use him or have different intentions. He is comfortable with Kristen, and he is happy with her, and she knows it. He feels that she is the best for him.”

Robert Pattinson shouldn’t sell himself short, though. He and Kristen Stewart may be a good match, but a cheating girlfriend is never “best,” and Pattinson (well, anyone for that matter) deserves better than that.

However, it’s probably a valid point that it could be hard for a bold-name, heart-throb star like Pattinson to find true love again now that his fame quotient has reached stratospheric levels. He and Stewart are on a similar playing field when it comes to fame, but how would he ever know for sure if another lesser-known starlet (or even someone who’s not even in the Hollywood scene) is dating him to elevate her own status? It’s a classic “famous person” relationship problem. At least Pattinson knows what he’s getting with Stewart… at least most of the time.

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