Robert Pattinson Really Good at Paddle Boarding, Says Expert

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Robert Pattinson’s fans obviously thought he looked great during his second paddle boarding adventure on April 6. However, an experienced paddle boarder who happened to see Rob and his instructor that day thought he looked great, too. According to the fellow paddle boarder, Rob is really very good at his new hobby, The question is: Is the Breaking Dawn star enjoying a hobby or training for a new film role?

Whatever paddle boarding means to the Twilight Saga heart-throb, he’s getting the hang of it fast. And according to the expert source, he’s learning it in the perfect environment.

“Rob was paddle boarding with an instructor last Friday,” mused the expert. “It’s the perfect place to learn because it’s really private, well it’s actually a private beach area in Malibu, and there are no rocks.”

Interestingly, the eyewitness had no idea that the man out there riding the waves with his instructor was “the guy from Twilight.” When someone told him who his fellow paddle boarder was, he was surprised–probably because Rob was catching on so fast and improving so quickly.

“At first, I didn’t recognize Rob, ” he admitted, “but then my friend told me it was Robert Pattinson, the guy from Twilight. He looks good out there. I mean you have a lot balance and patience but once you get the hang of it, it’s like meditating in the ocean. It’s really addictive and so good for your mental well-being.”

So, there you have it. Of course whether Rob is learning paddle boarding as a hobby or as a necessary skill for an upcoming film role remains unknown. Not that it really matters. he’s good at it, and he seems to enjoy it. And besides, as any Twihard will tell you, it provides him with an opportunity to take his shirt off.

And to think he actually said that he didn’t want to do any more “Taylor Lautner” A.K.A. shirtless acting. Oh well, to quote the Justin Bieber song: Never Say Never.


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