Robert Pattinson Regrets Kristen Stewart Reconciliation –Will He Dump Her Again ?

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Rumor has it Robert Pattinson is thinking of kicking Kristen Stewart back to the curb. And this time, it has nothing to do with Rupert Sanders. It seems RPattz is sick of KStew’s cloying, clinging, super needy behavior since they got back together. He feels like he can’t even breathe.

“Ever since he took her back, she’s been like a different person,” reveals an inside source. “She’s so needy. She knows Rob isn’t 100 percent back in their relationship. That’s why she’s being so clingy. No one approves of Kristen. She wormed her way back into his life by inundating him with phone calls and texts [and] writing him love letters begging for another chance.”

Hmm. Well, it certainly looks like La Stewart has her work cut out for her. And the fact that Rob’s family and friends still don’t like or trust her, and are no doubt bad-mouthing her to him every chance they get probably isn’t helping. On the other hand, Kristen Stewart always seemed a little needy in that relationship. Or at least, she seemed more anxious about it than Rob. It was, after all, the Cosmopolis man who seemed the more insistent about “not selling”—that is, not mentioning—their relationship, in interviews. Whereas Kristen just couldn’t help slipping sometimes, referring to her “fucking boyfriend” and dishing on how she felt more confident because of who she had standing beside her.

Of course, the bottom line is, and always has been, that no one really knows the real story about these two. Perhaps, even after their Twilight tenure officially ends with their completed promotion of Breaking Dawn Two, the world will have to remain in the dark.

As for whether Robert Pattinson will break up with her again, probably even he’s not sure at this point.

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