Robert Pattinson Relieved ‘Twilight’ Is Over: But Why?

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Robert Pattinson spent several years making The Twilight Saga alongside girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart, with the couple now on the promotional circuit for the recent première of the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn: Part 1 installment. But apparently he’s just as glad that the filming of the hit movie series has wrapped, as there was one little detail about playing Edward Cullen that turned into a huge bother for the British actor: the makeup chair!

Pattinson may cut a hunky vampire profile in Twilight that’s just slightly unusual and otherworldly, given his alabaster, sometimes glittering skin and his penetrating eyes. But, off-screen, he’s really a guy’s guy and is no pretty boy, and he did not much enjoy the primping and priming for his time in front of the cameras. In fact, Robert Pattinson has revealed just how challenging the cosmetic enhancements were for him.

File:Robert Pattinson.jpg“It took very long to shoot these films and I never imagined it would be this hard in the beginning,” R-Patz said, according to Hollywood Life. “I mean, I sat in the makeup trailer for at least two hours before every shoot… I had to put in those contacts that my eyes never got used to every time. As soon as I put them in, I was in a bad mood, especially when we were on set up to 15 hours, six days a week.”

Indeed, Robert Pattinson makes a good point, one that Twi-hards might not think about when they watch their favorite star on-screen. Two hours of makeup each and every day, over the span of several years of filming, not to mention countless touch-ups and coping with those contacts, would get monotonous and boring at best and obviously grueling, at worst.

Nevertheless, Robert Pattinson cannot complain too much. He may be relieved Twilight is over, but his love life has prospered as a result of the saga. After all, it is where he and Kristen Stewart started their still-successful romance. Of course, his acting career has also skyrocketed, thanks to those countless hours in the makeup chair—that and, of course, his talent for playing one slick vampire, as well.

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