Robert Pattinson Reportedly Dumped Kristen Stewart after Golden Globes After Party

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Rumor had it that Robert Pattinson would kick Kristen Stewart back to the curb sometime around Valentine’s Day. (Ouch.) But according to new reports, he just couldn’t wait that long. That’s right. RPattz has reportedly dumped his reconciled lady-love for the second time. The big brush off allegedly occurred right after Robsten put in an appearance together at the Golden Globes After Party. Looks like the rumors of their inevitable split were true. If so, the question is: Will their new split last longer than their reconciliation?

Yes, RPattz is said to have dumped KStew after their past few weeks of togetherness became increasingly difficult–fraught with tension and constant quarreling. In fact, according to inside sources, that was the real reason La Stewart was a no show at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony. Apparently, Rob actually banned her from attending.

“She flew to LA and was supposed to be Rob’s date for the Golden Globes,” explained the insider, “but he told her he wants to cool it off. He loves her but would rather go back to being good friends so they can rebuild their trust and focus on work after Twilight. Kristen’s upset but understands. She shouldn’t have pushed him to reconcile after her infidelity. She’s hoping he’ll come round and time will be a great healer.”

Well, good luck with that, Kristen. According to the insider, Rob isn’t likely to “come round” unless he gets new friends and possibly family as well.

“He was getting so much pressure to ditch her,” tattled the insider. “His friends told him to focus on his career and said she was wrecking his chances.”

Hmmm. Somehow that doesn’t ring true. His friends must be unaware of the fact that he has a slew of movies lined up in 2013 including The Rover and Queen of the Desert. On the other hand, The Rover which will be filmed in Australia may be the perfect tool Robert Pattinson needs to get away from and forget about his recently re-discarded lady love. Furthermore, it looks like the lady will also be going places–although Australia won’t be one of them. The seemingly omniscient insider says Kristen now plans to move to New York where “she feels people leave her alone…and she has a bit more peace.” After Rob returns from Australia, he’ll continue to live in L.A.

So there you have it. The saga of those two crazy Twilight kids grows curioser and curioser. Are they finally through? What do you think?

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