Robert Pattinson Returns to Toronto

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Robert Pattinson is on the move again, this time reportedly to Toronto from Los Angeles to deal with reshoots for Cosmopolis. In fact, the superstar landed in the Canadian city on Tuesday, ready to work.

During his journey, RPattz was wearing his usual traveling garb: A baseball cap (this one heralding the San Diego Padres) as well as a short-sleeved shirt left open to reveal a plain, white, v-neck tee. In other words, Robert Pattinson was in his comfort zone when it came to his sojourning fashion.

As for his comfort zone regarding his upcoming film, there’s no news as to which scenes RP will need to redo once he settles in. However, chances are the location will be inside a limousine since nearly the entire David Cronenberg movie in which the Twilight star stars takes place in the luxury vehicle. In fact, Pattinson as Eric Packer covers Manhattan in said vehicle during what is being called “a 24-hour odyssey.”

Speaking of an odyssey, today’s trip to Canada may well be a refreshing change of pace for Robert Pattinson who was apparently in a bad mood yesterday while dealing with business in Los Angeles. And, as for anyone who isn’t in the best frame of mind, a change of scenery — like Toronto, in this case — can cure just about any problem you are forced to leave behind. Right, Rob?

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