Robert Pattinson Reveals He Seldom Eats, but He Drinks A Lot—Kristen Stewart Worried?

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Robert Pattinson has certainly been in the mood to bare his soul lately. Recently, the Twilight heart-throb revealed that he eats practically nothing, but he drinks a lot. Seriously, the guy does nothing but drink. Before everybody gets their panties in a bunch, he claims he’s on special liquid diet recommended by a nutritionist. Well, that should put everybody’s mind at ease. It’s not like Rob is out there boozing it up day and night. What would Kristen Stewart say? He’s obviously drinking healthy liquids, right?

Well, sort of. In a bizarre interview in Black Book Magazine, the Cosmopolis actor dished on his rather odd regimen of eschewing solid foods, and why he decided to adopt it.

“I’m on an all-liquid diet,” he explained, “I had to be shirtless for a photo shoot, so I asked a nutritionist what’s a diet in which you can still drink as much as you want. She said a liquid diet.”

Oops. It seems Rob wanted a diet that would help him get ripped for the photo shoot, but he still wanted to “drink as much as he wanted” while dieting. And presumably he wasn’t talking about imbibing just fruit and vegetable juices. Not too healthy, Rob. The nutritionist probably didn’t intend your liquid diet to include alcohol. Duh.

Perhaps Kristen Stewart, or someone, should inform her man that alcohol has been the downfall of many great English actors including Richard Burton, Richard Harris, and Peter O’Toole who, unlike the other two gentlemen, is somehow miraculously still alive. Unless Robert Pattinson wants to join that illustrious but ill-fated fraternity, he should get himself together and lay off the sauce.

Just saying.

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