Robert Pattinson Reveals What He Always Wanted to be Onscreen

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In a recent interview, Robert Pattinson admitted that he always wanted to be a “d***head”–on the screen. That’s why the Breaking Dawn heart-throb wanted very much to play Georges Duroy, the atheistic, promiscuous, social-climbing sociopath of his latest film, Bel Ami. Or, as Rob so eloquently put it:

“Nobody wants to see a d***head succeed — that’s why I wanted to do it.”

There is, of course, another reason Rob was attracted to the role of Guy de Maupassant’s amoral anti-hero. Georges Duroy is the almost diametric opposite of the role that made Pattinson world-famous–the Twilight Saga vampire, Robert Cullen. In fact, Georges DuRoy could be called the “anti-Edward Cullen.” Despite his vampirism, Edward is noble soul who “gets the girl.” Despite his charm, Georges is a toxic cad who gets, not only the girls, but also the wealth, connections, and power they bring with them.

So is Robert Pattinson worried about how his Twihard hordes will react to their idol playing such a…well, “d***head”? Not really. Apparently, Duroy came off much worse in de Maupassant’s novel. Rob’s portrayal made the monster in the book almost seem like a stand up guy.

“He doesn’t come across as [being] as bad as I wanted him to,” RPattz mused, “so I don’t think anyone will be offended.”

That’s also because most of his fans have probably already read the book. According to Rob, most Twihards are extremely literary and well-read. Many of them give him books as gifts. And most had not seen a movie in years prior to discovering the Twilight Saga films. They prefer to read. What a concept.

So there you have it. Hopefully, Rob’s fans will continue to love and support him as a talented and hard-working actor no matter what roles he chooses to portray. Even d***heads.

Note: Wonder how Kristen Stewart feels about her boyfriend revelling in playing a d***head?

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