Robert Pattinson Says Loving Kristen Stewart Makes Him Weak (Video)

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In a recent Breaking Dawn Part Two promotional interview, Robert Pattinson dished on how falling in love made Edward feel weak. Was he talking about his own love for Kristen Stewart? Sounds like it. But the question is: did he feel that way before she cheated?

As you can see on the video below, Rob dished about the similarities between himself and his Twilight Saga character, Edward Cullen, and he admitted that he shared what can only be described as Edward’s fear of falling in love. Edward “found it dangerous to fall in love with someone,” and apparently, RPattz used to be the same.

“I started to relate to his…just the idea that when he falls in love with someone there’s sort of that feeling of getting weaker and weaker and weaker,” Rob admitted. “And it’s a kind of dangerous thing to do–to fall in love with someone. And I kind of related to that when I was younger. And that’s gradually changed… It’s quite a kind of immature way to think of things.”

Hmmm. It seems Robert Pattinson’s fear of falling in love predated the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal. In fact, it sounds like it predated his involvement with Kristen Stewart. Goodness. Does that mean Rob had so-called intimacy issues? Was his fabled reluctance to talk about himself and KStew as a couple less about refusing to pander to media pressure than about his fear of exposing his “weakness.” Actually, Rob always seemed far more intent on keeping their relationship a “secret” than Kristen. If so, could that have caused tension, if not actual trouble, in paradise? Possibly. One of the unfortunate things about relationships is that they often evoke feelings that people would rather not to face.

Oh well, it’s a good thing RPattz got over his fear of falling in love. Hopefully.

Stay tuned.

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