Robert Pattinson Selling Home He Shared With Kristen Stewart?

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Robert Pattinson is reportedly selling the home he shared with Kristen Stewart in Los Feliz, California. Rob left the home when he learned she had been unfaithful and reportedly asked Kristen to leave as well. The house has sat empty over the past few weeks as each has sought solace in undisclosed locations. Moving vans were spotted at the home the week after the scandal hit the news, but it is unclear whose stuff was removed.

Apparently, Rob is just too heartbroken to return to the cozy love nest he shared with his longtime girlfriend. A so-called friend of Rob’s says, “There’s too many memories there for him.” He would not be the first jilted lover to move away from the memories. Couples who split often look for a fresh start in a new home.

This anonymous source, who talked with Star magazine cannot stop from adding some juicy gossip to the story. “He loves that house, but he keeps thinking of that day when she snuck away for her make out session with Rupert, leaving him in front of the telly thinking she was having a business meeting.” Of course, Robert Pattinson will appreciate this friend speaking with the tabloid.

There is no word on the listing price of the home he bought for $6.2 million. Will he be desperate enough to dump the home and take a loss on the property? He just bought the gorgeous house at the beginning of the year. Would he really abandon it this quick?

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