Robert Pattinson Should Be Talking About Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders? Here’s Why!

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Robert Pattinson has been noticeably flying under the radar (even more so than normal!) since his romance with Kristen Stewart hit a sour note with her cheating scandal with her much older and married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. While the rumors have circulated about his drunk-dialing incidents, what shines through more is his seeming discretion in dealing with the situation. He obviously must be crushed and incredibly disappointed, but he’s apparently not throwing any stones, which has also led to plenty of tongue-wagging about whether he’ll be able to move past his girlfriend’s indiscretion and stay together with her.

Pattinson will have to break his silence soon enough, though, as he’ll be hitting up the red carpets and the press circuit for his premiere of Cosmopolis. He already has stops at The Daily Show and Good Morning America on his schedule. But how will he deal with the questions that will surely be thrown his way about S & S: Stewart and Sanders?

Will he dodge the inquiries or perhaps play coy? Will he utilize his sarcastic wit to deflect from his true emotional pain… or will he plainly address the scandal?

Hollywood Life, for one, thinks Pattinson should speak fully and freely about Kristen Stewart, especially during his GMA interview on Aug. 15; a no-holds-barred talk session of sorts. The site backs up the rationale with five reasons why it’s such a good idea. Some of the points are valid; some a bit far-fetched.

1. It’s Pattinson’s chance to show the world he’s a mature adult who can handle anything that life throws his way. (Hopefully, he’s wearing his big-boy pants!)

2. Kristen deserves to see that he’s able to live his life and that her actions can’t derail his awesome career. (Pattinson’s future success–and maybe even another hot girlfriend on his arm–may be the best revenge; not that he wants to seek any.)

File:Robert Pattinson 2011.jpg3. He owes it to his beloved fans. They’ve been crying along with him, and he can reassure them that he’s okay. (Well, Pattinson may appreciate his fans, but it seems unlikely he cares much about their feelings in his own love story gone wrong.)

4. Talking about Kristen may settle the storm a bit. If Pattinson ignores the elephant in the room, sometimes it makes the issue even bigger. (This is perhaps Hollywood Life‘s most logical reason for Robert Pattinson to discuss the Kristen Stewart drama. No point in trying to ignore such a blatant scandal that has spun itself silly through every major and minor news and gossip source–and that continues to spin.)

5. The best revenge is living well. (Hmm… there’s that revenge thing again.)

Regardless of what Pattinson chooses to say–or not say–it will be a fascinating GMA segment. And, actions do speak louder than words. So as long as the British heart-throb doesn’t pull a Chris Brown (i.e. smash a window and storm out shirtless with the mention of an ex, ahem, Rihanna), then he should be golden.

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