Robert Pattinson Snapped Showing Love, But Not to Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson is one of the most fan friendly celebrities in the world. The prodigious enormity of his international fan base is rivalled (surpassed?) only by that of über pop star Justin Bieber. Rob love his fans; and like the Biebs, he seldom misses a chance to show them his love. One of those lucky fans snapped a slew of photos of RPattz communing with her sister Twihards at the New York promo of Breaking Dawn Part One. Now, those photos have surfaced on the Web.

Thanks to a fan known only by the catchy moniker, RobertDazzleMe, twenty-five never seen photos of RPattz have found their way to the fan sites to dazzle other Twihards who have not yet enjoyed the privilege of beholding their idol in the flesh. Ms. RobertDazzleMe and the other fans present on that November evening, not only got to see RPattz, they got to, for all extents and purposes, hang out with him. Click here to see Robert Pattinson chatting, laughing, hugging, and hanging out with his fans. Note photo number 13 where Rob and a fan pose for a pic together wearing the same goofy expression. Or the shot where he bends down to hug a another fan, who’s either seated or extremely short. And of course, you’ll notice the many close-ups of his smiling face.

So, there you have it. It has been said that there’s only one thing Robert Pattinson feels more passionately about than music and that’s Kristen Stewart. After seeing these photos, that statement must be corrected. There are 2.

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